Every ounce of Partida Tequila begins with a carefully cultivated supply of blue agave. Ours is grown near a dormant volcano in the Tequila Valley. Under the agave’s spiky tips lies “la piña,” tequila’s soul.

Even with tequila, patience is a virtue. You cannot rush the growth of la piña – the bigger it gets, the more mature the sugars, and the more full, ripe, and flavorful it becomes. We wait 7-10 years.


Most agave is cooked “the old fashion way” in stone ovens that are rarely cleaned. The soot that develops adds bitterness to the tequila – not something we want to share with you.

At Partida we use only state-of-the-art stainless steel ovens to bake our agave, creating a smoother, cleaner agave taste.


Our tequila is aged in one-pass Jack Daniel’s American Oak barrels. That’s right, we age our tequila in barrels once used to age excellent whiskey.

Partida’s Reposado and Anejo are aged 50% more than required, and like ripe sweet apples, this aging makes for a better taste. Partida Tequila is completely natural with no additives and no coloration.



  • "The first tequila to bear the extra añejo designation on its label, Elegante is a dramatic example of what can be achieved when patience and expertise melds with unbridled passion….Be fully prepared to be wowed."
    Robert Plotkin, 2012
  • "Partida Tequilas are simply the finest line of tequilas money can buy... The bar has been raised to lofty heights"
    F. Paul PacultSpirit Journal Newsletter
  • "The recently released Elegante is a fitting jewel in the crown for the Partida line of ultra premium tequilas."
    Anthony Dias BlueRobb Report
  • "The sole brand with the perfect score of Classic...96-100 points across the board. The most consistent brand from starting gate to finish line."
    Wine EnthusiastApril 2008
  • "The Bentley of Reposado tequila and, in my mind, the new benchmark."
    F. Paul PacultSpirit Journal Newsletter



Partida’s Blanco boasts a soft floral aroma blended perfectly with hints of citrus, fresh herbs and tropical fruit. This crisp-tasting premium tequila lingers on your palate, leaving it feeling clean and fresh. Our high-quality Blanco is an original and nothing short of remarkable.

“The Number 1 Blanco Tequila”
– Wine Enthusiast, 2014





Partida’s Reposado is rich and smooth with a touch of sweet. Hints of vanilla, hazelnut, and almond make up the Reposado’s heavenly finish.

“The Partida Tequilas are simply the finest line of tequilas that money can buy”
– F. Paul Pacult
The Spirit Journal






Partida’s Añejo is aged in one-pass Jack Daniel’s American Oak barrels. This advanced aging reveals an intense flavor that you won’t believe until you taste it yourself! Its fruity aroma of cherry, almond, and dried fruit will pique your interest. The flavor hints of banana, chocolate and sweet pear.

“Our Anejo is a tequila that is to be savored slowly. It doesn’t get much better than this.”
– Gary Shansby, Partida Founder & Chairman





Partida’s Elegante offers complex aromas of cedar, chocolate, cinnamon and toffee. After 40 months in barrel, the hue reveals a deep, rich amber color with a considerably intense concentration of aroma and flavor. It is the perfect balance between seduction and sophistication.

“Number 1 Tequila”
– Wine Enthusiast, 2013